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Let's Jam!

[Owner] Deusulus posted Sep 23, 17

We are working on Ambrosia Falls all day today. While we do that, we are playing some great music! We encourage you to come play music you love as well!

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Hello everyone, Deus here!
Today (7/31) I will be making a big push to get the Ambrosia Falls (AF-PVP) server ready. We have all the essentials finally updated as of this morning! I will be spending all day focused on Ambrosia Falls. Since we have changed a lot of the plugins (still similar, just using more premium alternatives) there will be quite a bit of re-writing for me to complete as I can't copy the exact values from the previous setups.

Please, please, please let me know what you really want to see in Ambrosia Falls. This will be the time to express your opinions on what you loved and what you didn't enjoy about Ambrosia Falls so that I can tailor the setup to fit most everyone's needs. Remember, Ambrosia Falls will always be a PVP focused server based on Kingdoms+.

**I know there are a LOT of us itching to get into RoE, and I am doing my best to make ground on that server as well. 

Kevinxu123098 Hi, when's Eviancraft(towny) coming back? for now ive been playing on Azethine's towny server.
kingjt Hey all, been a while since I've taken a look on here. Glad to see EvianCraft is on the way back. I think some sort...

1.12 Official Release has been rescheduled for June 7th. Once this update is released we should see server stable jars being released shortly after. Ambrosia Falls will be the first server to come online with the new 1.12 changes, then Creative. RoE will be taking a bit longer as we still have tons of work left to do. We have made major advancements on Haruhiko and will be nearing the build-complete phase soon for that area and moving on to finish Edencrest.

We will be aiming to have RoE completely finished and fully tested in time to celebrate Screamfest in October. We will be trying our hardest to get it finished as soon as possible, however, we want to have it more polished and issue-free than it was previously.

The large dungeon world we had planned on adding previously will no longer be added, instead we will focus on making lots of chances for exploration in the spawn world named "Grunfeld". This will be the same world as the Trade Routes and main cities. There will only be two worlds this time around, Grunfeld and "The Wilderness". All of the Guilds will be located in the world itself. This will allow us to make the experience more fluid and immersive while saving us time and resources.

LoganKelly I just wanted to say that Deus has filled me in on a bit of what they are working on. The builds are epic and the towns ...

Pre-Release #6 has just launched, this is likely the final pre-release before the final 1.12 Launch! We are hoping to see a due date announced in the next few days. Pre-6 has brought a few optimizations and bug fixes that we should see passed into future plugin updates.

An update on our end, we have been working on adding additional locations into the "Grunfeld" map. On the last server there was very little to see outside of the main towns and off the Trade Route. In the new map, we want to make the map come alive and encourage players to venture off the path and explore the continent. We have so far added 21 secret locations that each hold their own treasures. Some locations will be easier to discover than others, and some will be inhabited by horrific creatures that will not let the treasures escape their grasp. These secret locations may come in the form of Camp Sites and Ancient Ruins.

We have moved all three servers over to the new host. We have already seen an improvement in any lag and response time. 1.12 Pre-Release 3 has since been launched as well, we are ever closer to 1.12 coming out!

Please keep in mind that the Creative Server is still open and running! We check there for new builds every so often to see if anyone is eligiable to build for RoE :D

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