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Pre-Release #6 has just launched, this is likely the final pre-release before the final 1.12 Launch! We are hoping to see a due date announced in the next few days. Pre-6 has brought a few optimizations and bug fixes that we should see passed into future plugin updates.

An update on our end, we have been working on adding additional locations into the "Grunfeld" map. On the last server there was very little to see outside of the main towns and off the Trade Route. In the new map, we want to make the map come alive and encourage players to venture off the path and explore the continent. We have so far added 21 secret locations that each hold their own treasures. Some locations will be easier to discover than others, and some will be inhabited by horrific creatures that will not let the treasures escape their grasp. These secret locations may come in the form of Camp Sites and Ancient Ruins.

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