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1.12 Official Release has been rescheduled for June 7th. Once this update is released we should see server stable jars being released shortly after. Ambrosia Falls will be the first server to come online with the new 1.12 changes, then Creative. RoE will be taking a bit longer as we still have tons of work left to do. We have made major advancements on Haruhiko and will be nearing the build-complete phase soon for that area and moving on to finish Edencrest.

We will be aiming to have RoE completely finished and fully tested in time to celebrate Screamfest in October. We will be trying our hardest to get it finished as soon as possible, however, we want to have it more polished and issue-free than it was previously.

The large dungeon world we had planned on adding previously will no longer be added, instead we will focus on making lots of chances for exploration in the spawn world named "Grunfeld". This will be the same world as the Trade Routes and main cities. There will only be two worlds this time around, Grunfeld and "The Wilderness". All of the Guilds will be located in the world itself. This will allow us to make the experience more fluid and immersive while saving us time and resources.

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