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Ambrosia Falls Update

By [Owner] Deusulus - Posted Jul 31, 17

Hello everyone, Deus here!
Today (7/31) I will be making a big push to get the Ambrosia Falls (AF-PVP) server ready. We have all the essentials finally updated as of this morning! I will be spending all day focused on Ambrosia Falls. Since we have changed a lot of the plugins (still similar, just using more premium alternatives) there will be quite a bit of re-writing for me to complete as I can't copy the exact values from the previous setups.

Please, please, please let me know what you really want to see in Ambrosia Falls. This will be the time to express your opinions on what you loved and what you didn't enjoy about Ambrosia Falls so that I can tailor the setup to fit most everyone's needs. Remember, Ambrosia Falls will always be a PVP focused server based on Kingdoms+.

**I know there are a LOT of us itching to get into RoE, and I am doing my best to make ground on that server as well. 

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