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Ambrosia Falls
    - We are currently waiting for finals to be over so we can finish Ambrosia Falls. The last steps we have to take are to set all the permissions then testing everything. This should be finished over the next couple weeks. We will be staying on 1.12.2 as long as possible due to the complications with 1.13 removing Block ID's

Rise of Edencrest
  - We will be working on RoE for a while. Finishing the builds, configuring drop rates and mob behavior, and preparing everything to enter into 1.14
  - We are waiting until 1.14 is release before we release RoE due to the massive amount of content being added in 1.14 that we wish to utilize in the server. The additions of Coral, new mobs, new weapon and enchants will all be giving us more content to use to make the server more immersive and enjoyable. The extra time will allow us to properly build the map to the standard we would like to see.

This will mean more detail and work put into builds and cities, as well as time to work on the story and questlines.

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