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We have moved all three servers over to the new host. We have already seen an improvement in any lag and response time. 1.12 Pre-Release 3 has since been launched as well, we are ever closer to 1.12 coming out!

Please keep in mind that the Creative Server is still open and running! We check there for new builds every so often to see if anyone is eligiable to build for RoE :D

All CMC Servers will be going down temporarily while we change host services.
Servers should all come down within the next 24 Hours and will be offline for varying amounts of time while we move the files to the new host.

Why the change?
Our previous host does not offer attiquate storage and memory options for the new RoE Sever's needs. We have selected a new host that can fulfill these needs and has offered us better specs (including better CPUs) for a comparable price.

   We have been working on Haruhiko as the next major town. The port has come together really nicely and is a huge improvement from the last server. It is nearly tripple the size, will feature more places to explore, and looks much more "alive". The port area will be one of two major locations in Haruhiko that players will visit often for supplies, certificates, and special repairing/enchant/etc.
   The other primary location will be the merchant district on the opposite end of the city. There will be warps to each location. We have focused on these two locations to help ease any lag users with lower end machines may experience. Haruhiko is very large, and may cause some client lag when entering the town.

The essentials will be located on the port. Things such as special repair anvils so you can repair your special graded weapons and gear without degrading the name/lore. There will be a few NPC merchants to visit as well to get things you may need for quests and trade runs. We are still debating on where to spawn new players. Wether it be in the Wilderness or in the Port of Haruhiko. If you have a suggestion, let us know! We will be forgoing a force-tutorial and just letting people drop right into the server with the option of visiting a tutorial later.

[Owner] Deusulus See the full image at: http://i.imgur.com/RxZHmsf.png
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